The Way Forward Summit

The Way Forward Summit 2022

The Way Forward Summit 2022 is the inaugural, three-day virtual summit that brought together leaders from all across the realm. Folks who eat differently, think differently, and lead different lives. Together, they shared a variety of tools and information, designed to help you on your own, individualized way forward.   TWF Virtual Summit – 1:

Sowing Sovereignty

Sowing Sovereignty was a transformational, full-day event on March 19th, 2022 at Sow A Heart Farm in Fillmore California, that highlighted the connection between food, health, and community. We brought together speakers, leaders, and people who are passionate about food, health, and regenerative farming. We can’t wait to share this day with you. Event footage

The Big Idea 2022

The Big Idea is an interactive, immersive, LIVE event featuring speakers from across the country. Healers, Leaders, & Luminaries gather to co-create conversations with Dr. Devin Vrana about health and empowerment. Below are a few of the sessions that we wanted to share with you. We encourage you to check out the entirety of this