Source Registry Automated

Source Registry Automated

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The Way Forward is looking for all types of sovereign-minded & health-conscious businesses, brands, and private associations.

We’re building a worldwide directory called Source, and we’re connecting it to our The Way Forward community membership platform. Source will allow our members to punch in their postal code, and instantly see a list of local and aligned businesses, and the best thing is that it’s completely free for businesses to join.

These are businesses that will treat everyone with love and compassion. Businesses that will hold space for differing perspectives and would never infringe upon the rights of their customers.

These are businesses that think and express themselves freely. And offer products and services to help others do the same.

It doesn’t matter who you are, or what type of business you own. As long as you’re ready to come together and reclaim our indomitable freedom – and find The Way Forward, as one.

So, if you’re a mechanic whose waiting room won’t require masks or a grocery owner who won’t require passports to buy a loaf of bread…

We want to help our members find you.

To include your business in our directory, please submit your request via the short form below and an admin will review for approval soon.

Some businesses have chosen to offer special discounts or benefits to TWF members who present their active membership cards. This is not a requirement to be featured in our directory, however, it is highly encouraged! If you would like to offer something to our members, please include details below.

For any questions, email us at [email protected]



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