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  • Robert

    August 19, 2023 at 6:04 pm

    We are currently putting all our effort into creating and tweaking the Learning Management System (LMS) platform. To do it right requires far more effort and $$ than I thought it would… but we’re getting there. At the same time I am researching and writing a set of 14 new Courses in natural health care that will be our first offering. I’ve created 7 Courses so far. We hope to launch by the end of the year. I’m happy and proud of what we have accomplished so far.

    This initial offering is targeted for a high school graduate/early college level student. It is written in a style that is intended for a ‘popular’ audience, as opposed to an academic/professional audience. IOW, students who are pretty seriously interested in advancing their personal health care knowledge and practice, but not necessarily 100% focused on a career with it. If/When degree programs come together, they would cater to a more professional-oriented, career-oriented audience.

    Everything kind of depends on how well the Courses and the overall Certification program is received. If they do very well, and the resources are there for quick expansion, I intend to flesh out the curriculum with the necessary basic science courses that you would find in an Associate Degree program, along with the actual health care-related Courses. From there to build into a Bachelor program with appropriate Advanced Courses.

    My heartfelt intention is to get the information out to everyone who wants it, so everything will be priced very inexpensively. Also plenty of discounted or scholarship options for those who cannot afford it.

    Further, once we are certain the whole platform is stable and sound, I intend to offer the platform for other teachers who wish to offer their own complementary and specialty Courses.

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