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The “Social Justice” Subversion with Leslie Elliott

Alec sits down with Antioch University Whistleblower, Leslie Elliott, who describes her experience in the university’s counseling program where woke communist positions are being pushed under the guise of education. This episode is really, really eye-opening, especially given that Leslie is coming from a left-leaning position herself!

Leslie’s YouTube channel where she does weekly livestreams with her Solid Ground colleagues and periodically uploads video interviews with guests:

An online peer support network for people impacted by authoritarian ideology, covid policies and social justice:

A professional network of counselors and psychologists opposed to the social justice takeover of the field. This is a great resource for people in the field as well as people seeking mental health care and wanting to avoid “woke” therapists:

Follow Leslie on Twitter: @jleslieelliott

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An article recommended by Leslie examining precisely why it is illogical and unhealthy to play the woke pronoun game:

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