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Ep 22: What’s Going On in Ukraine? with Patrick Henningsen

Alec sits down with independent geopolitical analyst Patrick Henningsen from 21st Century Wire to discuss his thoughts on the Middle East, Ukraine, the gain of function narrative, and more!

Patrick’s links:

• Hunting for Hunter: Evidence Reveals Biden, Burisma Ukraine Bond Scandal, Tied to U.S. Firm:

• Are COVID-19 ‘Vaccines’ a Military Biodefense Response Gone Terribly Wrong?

• NATO’s Trojan Horse Behind Europe’s COVID-19 Response – Part 1: Vaccinating Europe With a Military Experimental Biodefense Countermeasure

• Patrick’s Interview with Steve Falconer: “Gain of Function or Gain of Fiction?”:

• Fridays at 1pm UK time, Patrick Co-hosts UK Column News:

For all of our links, visit: