Intergenerational Freedom with David Rodriguez

David James Rodriguez helps parents empower their children using homeschooling, apprenticeships, and customized learning strategies. He’s the Principal of Valor Academy, a homeschool coach, and publisher of “The Underground History of American Education” by John Taylor Gatto, who some refer to as the “World’s Most Courageous Teacher”. Also, he founded the Education Options Expo, and

Gain of Function or Science Fiction with Dr. Sam Bailey

In this episode, Alec Zeck sits down with Dr. Sam Bailey to discuss her journey from a career in allopathic medicine to the realization that everything is not as it seems – germ theory to terrain theory, virus isolation, bioresonance, gain of function, lab leaks and a special shout-out to Mr. Schwab! Dr. Sam Bailey

Food Over Drugs with Sheela Mahdavi

In this episode, Alec Zeck talks to Sheela Mahdavi about her personal journey from a pre-diabetic diagnosis at a young age to starting down the path of health freedom with natural remedies. Sheela Mahdavi is a nutritionist, detoxification specialist, herbalist, and founder of Food Over Drugs, a food education and herbal supplement company. Sheela has

The Wizard Knows No Bounds with Ian Mitchell

In this episode, get ready to go on a deep dive with Alec Zeck as he interviews Ian “The Wizard” Mitchell on a fascinating range of topics centered around the idea of quantum biology and human potential – bio-hacking, wavelength modulation, lifespan expansion, and much more. Over the past decade, Ian has developed novel therapeutics

Back to Nature, Back to Reality with Mollie Engelhart

In this episode, Alec Zeck talks with Mollie Engelhart about her experience as a restaurateur, growing and operating a successful regenerative farm, the pitfalls of modern convenience and big government, and the importance of getting back to our true roots. Mollie Engelhart is an executive chef and owner of Sage Plant Based Bistro, a growing

You Have Been Terminated – Sincerely, X

In this episode, join Alec Zeck as he interviews two former healthcare employees about their unlawful termination, their current legal process for justice and how their experience through it all has led to a beautiful and sovereign awakening. For more information, please visit: https://avoiceforchoice.org/ https://www.coachesforfreedom.com/

Reversing Alzheimer’s with Dr. Bill McGraw

In this episode, Alec Zeck and Dr. Jess Peatross welcome back Dr. Bill McGraw to present the overwhelming evidence of the dangers of aluminum toxicity, its relation to Alzheimer’s disease, and the blatantly obvious cure – it’s all there in the data. Alzheimer’s disease was first discovered in 1906. Since then, “modern” medicine has manipulated

Living Everywhere but Now with Brandon Bozarth

In this episode, Alec Zeck sits down with Brandon Bozarth to discuss infinite awareness, the problem with pursuing the ‘American Dream’, and why ‘fighting for freedom’ is useless when we learn and know that we are already internally and fundamentally free. Brandon Bozarth teaches the embodiment of the “Non-Dual Awakening” realization that has been referenced

Who Pays for the Science with Rebecca Strong

In this episode, Alec Zeck and Jodie Meschuk talk to Rebecca Strong about her experience as a health and wellness writer, the state of modern journalism, and how the blanket mainstream response to the ‘pandemic’ led her down an overwhelming rabbit hole – follow the money, find the answers. Rebecca Strong is a Boston-based health

The Monkey Business of Germ Theory with Amandha Vollmer

In this episode, Alec Zeck chats with Amandha Vollmer, one of the OG terrain theorists and a jack-of-all-trades in the natural health world to discuss the monkey business surrounding monkeypox as well as nutrition, veganism, and the psyche that allows people to keep falling for nonsense. For more information on Amandha, please visit:https://yummy.doctor/ For Andrew