You Have Been Terminated – Sincerely, X

In this episode, join Alec Zeck as he interviews two former healthcare employees about their unlawful termination, their current legal process for justice and how their experience through it all has led to a beautiful and sovereign awakening. For more information, please visit:

Coercion Vs Force: Part 1 with Major Sam Sigoloff

In this episode, Alec Zeck and Danny from Terminal CWO have a discussion with whistleblower Major Sam Sigoloff, a Doctor of Osteopathy in the military, on what woke him up to the inconsistencies in the official COVID narrative, the dangers of the mRNA product and the glaring issues shown in the DMED data. For the

Thank You for Your Service

In this episode, Alec Zeck sits down with Army Veteran Pam Long, Jo from Military Freedom Keepers, and Danny from Terminal CWO to discuss service members’ rights, regulations, exemptions processes (in theory and in practice) and other things relating to DOD corruption and health freedom for service members. Pam Long, military health writer for Children’s

Rising from the Ashes with Dr. Scott Jensen

In this epic episode of the HFfH podcast, Dr. Jess Peatross and Jodie Meshuck interview family physician turned Gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Scott Jensen. They dive into his stance on the Covid pandemic, kid’s health, informed consent, and what true healthcare means to him.

Standing for Truth and Freedom with Dr. Jim Meehan

Jim Meehan, MD champions honest science deployed to create genuine health. He has advanced training and experience in ophthalmology, ocular inflammation and immunology, preventive medicine, addiction medicine, and endocrinology. For more information:

Know Your God-given Rights with Peggy Hall

Navigating the COVID environment this past year has been extremely challenging, chaotic, and confusing- especially on the legal front. How familiar are you with your rights? Are these measures lawful? Can you challenge them in court? Is the court system even worth using? Is there a better way? What about school? What about our children?

Medical Racism with Kevin Jenkins

Tap into that God courage and take a stand following the lead from medical freedom activist and warrior Kevin Jenkins.Learn how: medical racism has happened before, and why we’re raising awareness to make sure it doesn’t happen again, how racism in the drug industry impacts the Black community, why, when our bodies and risk are

Interview with Renaissance Man, Dr. Ben Tapper

One of the most dynamic voices in the medical freedom movement is Dr. Tapper. Whether it’s city council meetings all over his state, on his podcast, within his thriving chiropractic practice, or at home where he is father and mentor to 4 growing forces, Dr. Tapper brings nothing but Truth. He is literally what it

Raw and Uncut With WhatsHerFace

No more critical of a time for comedy than right now, and so we bring you What’s Her Face to jam all things New World Order and The Great Reset. She’s got a bag full of laughs and a bag full of shut the hell up. Hosted by Alec Zeck, Dr. Tommy John, and Jo