Dr. Melissa Sell, what is Germanic New Medicine?

Dr. Melissa Sell is a chiropractor who specializes in mindset and health coaching based upon the 5 Biological Laws of Germanic New Medicine.

After over a decade of studying in the world of natural health and 5 years in active chiropractic and health coaching practice, Dr. Melissa discovered the paradigm-shifting work of Dr. Hamer and it completely changed her approach to health and healing.

The more she studied GNM and incorporated it into her work the more impressed she was by both its accuracy and its power to help people.

Dr. Melissa’s goal is to help at least one person, every day, overcome the fear of illness, understand how their body functions, and learn to harness the healing power of their mind.

To accomplish this goal she has created a YouTube channel with many educational videos, offers personalized coaching, and has a library of online courses designed to help people integrate the wisdom of GNM into their daily life and break free from mental slavery.

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