Ep 25: Water, Wellness, and Wisdom with Isabel Friend

In this episode, Alec’s sits down with Isabel Friend, an international ambassador of Water, public speaker, and educator.

As a student, servant, and steward of Water, she seamlessly blends science and spirit into a comprehensive cosmology of Water wisdom. Spanning the practical insights of health, hydration and biology, to empowering tactics for Watershed guardianship and ecological activism, to the esoteric and subtle insights of ancient indigenous Water wisdom, to the heady scientific discoveries of cutting edge Water research, Isabel’s offerings are as multifaceted as Water itself. She has taught about Water throughout the US, Canada, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Bali, Mexico and Thailand.

She is currently semi-nomadic, and enjoys spending her time fire-dancing, hiking, riding her motorcycle, and geeking out like a mad scientist in her laboratory.

Most importantly, Isabel is deeply devoted to helping YOU embody the empowerment that is inherent in being a body of Water, living on a body of Water.

Because Water is life, and life is sacred.

To learn more about Isabel and to check out her content and online store click here:


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