Ep 28: Are You Here for Truth? With Joel & Yerasimos

Alec sits down with Joel and Yerasimos, a couple of guys who met online in 2021 with a shared vision of having conversations centered around the concepts of truth and what it means to live authentically.

Since then, their podcast “Here For The Truth” has grown to become ranked in the top 1 percent of all podcasts shared globally.

They have had 100s of conversations with some of the leading names in many diverse arenas of study and research that challenge the status quo.

They are known for their casual, light-hearted, “still in the process ourselves” conversations which their audience has found to be refreshing and highly relatable.

In early 2022 they launched the ‘Rise Above The Herd’ group coaching program for Truth Seekers which has just sold out its 5th run and in the same year they created their membership community, ‘Friends of the Truth.’

Their mission is to uplift the individual, to re-awaken the inner hero within them, and to remind them of what is possible when one chooses integrity over ignorance.

They are dedicated to exalting the very best of the human spirit.

For more info: https://www.hereforthetruth.com/