Ep 57: The Bigger Picture on the Middle East featuring Michael Bryant


In this episode, journalist, writer, and researcher Michael Bryant gives a detailed breakdown of the larger scheme at play with what’s occurring between Israel-Palestine, and the implications for all of us.

Michael Bryant is a journalist, writer and researcher who has worked with various anti-war groups, environmental organizations and anti-globalization organizations on many issues ranging from US imperialism, domestic corporate crimes and the globalization of agriculture.

He was involved with the Times Beach Action Group around issues of Dioxin contamination in the St. Louis area and was one of the founding members of New England Resistance Against Genetic Engineering.

Currently working as a writer and researcher for the Health Freedom Defense Fund.

Michael also did research for the COVID-19 Humanity Betrayal Memory Project.

He has published articles at Globalresearch.ca, Off-Guardian, Health Freedom Defense Fund, Brownstone, Lew Rockwell, and other online sites.

He was heavily involved with Syracuse Freedom Fighters and Columbia County (NY) No Mandates groups which formed in early 2020 in opposition to Covid Lockdowns and Mandates.

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