Ep 64: Conscious Tech Habits & Living Life Lively with Rinat Strahlhofer


Meet Rinat Strahlhofer, the creative force behind the LiVELY app and a pioneer in the Digitally Conscious Movement. Rinat, drawing on her experience as an ex-telecom marketing insider, recognised our collective struggle with digital overload and responded with LiVELY – a movement and an app designed to bring us back to the heart of real-life experiences.

Rinat’s mission with LiVELY is simple yet profound: empower each of us to Live Life LiVELY. This means embracing the world beyond our screens and finding that elusive balance between our digital and physical lives. With a dash of irony and a lot of heart, she crafted an app that’s all about fostering healthy digital habits, complete with engaging habit-tracking features and a transformative 28-Day challenge.

But LiVELY is more than an app, it’s Rinat’s commitment to guiding us on a journey of digital empowerment. She brings together insights from inspiring speakers across the globe, unveiling the humorous, sometimes confronting, but always eye-opening aspects of our relationship with technology.

Ready to embark on this lively exploration? Join Rinat and become part of the Digitally Conscious Movement. Let’s reclaim our digital lives and savour the richness of the world around us. Rinat invites you to this journey of discovery, where every step leads to a more intentional, vibrant, and LiVELY way of living. Click here to learn more.


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