EP 65: What can Brown’s Gas do for you? featuring George Wiseman


This conversation with George Wiseman blew me away! We went deep on hydrogen, 4th phase water, physical and metaphysical transmutation, and of course Brown’s Gas—

George is leading the charge in getting this incredible substance to the world through his AquaCure systems, which we also discussed quite a bit during the episode. AquaCure is a Brown’s Gas Electrolyzers developed from 30 years of electrolyzer R&D, giving you an easy and safe way to experience the power of Brown’s Gas in your home.

George Wiseman grew up dirt poor, on a cattle ranch in the middle of British Columbia, Canada. No indoor plumbing, no electricity, no radio, no phones, etc. He learned how to do whatever needed to be done and to help his neighbors.

He is a maverick inventor that teaches people how to duplicate and use his practical world changing innovations. He does not patent any of his innovations, instead he tries to teach others to duplicate his technologies.

Mr. Wiseman has optimized electrolyzer designs for efficient, safe, practical application of Brown’s Gas to achieve the below benefits.

~ Decreasing carbon-based fuel consumption by 25%.

~ Providing a low cost, superior replacement for torch fuel-gases.

~ Tripling crop production.

~ Helping bodies heal from virtually all ailments and increasing healthy lifespan by 30+%.

For more on George Wiseman please visit his website here.

Interested in Brown’s Gas and AquaCure? Visit AquaCure.Life and enter code TWF at checkout for 5% off your new AquaCure Model AC50 system.