Ep 66: It Came From a (Computer) Lab! featuring Dr. Mark Bailey and Steve Falconer


In this episode Alec is joined by Dr. Mark Bailey and Steve Falconer to discuss Mark’s paper, “A Farewell to Virology” as well as Steve’s film adaptation of the paper.

This episode includes a deep dive on:
– viral genomics and genetics
– the timeline of events that led up to the claim of a “pandemic” in 2020
– the foundational “scientific” papers that paved the way for the charade of 2020

Dr. Mark Bailey is a microbiology, medical industry and health researcher who worked in medical practice, including clinical trials, for two decades. In 2016 he left clinical practice due to dissatisfaction with the allopathic medical system. Mark is the author of “A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)” and co-author of “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity”.

Steve Falconer is a living man, individualist, anarchist, researcher, author, political commentator and filmmaker, best known as one half of the popular channel Spacebusters on Vigilante.tv, Bitchute, Odyssee and Youtube.

For more on Dr. Bailey and “A Farewell to Virology,” please visit: drsambailey.com

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