Ep 67: The Reclamation of Sacred Masculinity through Rites of Passage featuring Andrew Genovese


Andrew Genovese is a Visionary, an ASEA Redox molecules Ambassador and a Breathwork Facilitator. Andrew has been a true beacon of light and truth as a voice that has been seen and heard my many around the world. He stood on the frontline during the times of the lockdowns and his passion for inner sovereignty and soul reclamation shows through all arenas of his work for humanity.

In this episode, Andrew and Alec covered:

– His transformative trip to India where he met his guru, Guru G

– Journey of the breath, breathwork and soul reclamation

– Claiming our power back as men through Rites of Passages

– Why Rites of Passages and personal challenges are so important

– Exploring what it means to be a man in 2024

– Fasting with ASEA Redox Signaling Molecules

To learn more please visit, andrewgenovesehealing.com

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