Ep 72: Hospital Births: What You Need to Know featuring Emily Stanwyck


Come with us on a transformative journey with Episode 72 of The Way Forward, where Alec Zeck engages in a profound and enlightening conversation with Emily Stanwyck. As a dedicated Doula, birth educator, and BIRTHFIT Leader, Emily brings a wealth of experience and insight into the realm of birthing practices.

Join Alec and Emily as they navigate through a myriad of topics, providing an in-depth exploration of hospital births. From the personal journey of becoming a Doula to awakening to the challenges associated with hospital births, Emily shares her perspectives, experiences, and a wealth of knowledge that every expectant parent should know.

In this episode, the discussion goes beyond the medical aspects of childbirth. Emily sheds light on the historical evolution of birthing practices in America, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of how we’ve arrived at the current state of hospital births. The conversation touches on critical subjects such as epidurals, antibiotics, non-emergency C-sections, circumcision, and the impact of hospital protocols on the birthing experience.

Key Topics Explored:

Epidurals: Navigating the impacts and choices.
Hospital Birth Challenges: Unraveling the complexities.
Evolution of Healthcare: Tracing historical shifts.
Empowering Expectant Parents: Advocating for informed choices.

This episode serves as an essential guide for expectant parents, empowering them to approach their birthing experience with knowledge, confidence, and a sense of advocacy. Join Emily Stanwyck and Alec Zeck in this enlightening exploration of hospital births, urging listeners to question and actively participate in the choices that shape their birthing journey.

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