Ep 75: Water Fasting: Heal Your Mind, Body & Spirit featuring Alec Zeck, Ben Hardy & Mike Merenda


In this enlightening roundtable discussion, Alec Zeck engages in a deep dive into the world of water fasting with Ben Hardy and Mike Merenda, hosts of the Terrain Theory podcast. Join them as they explore the profound impact of water fasting on the mind, body, and spirit.

Key Highlights:

Benefits of Fasting: The hosts delve into the various benefits of fasting, examining the direct correlation between fasting and energy levels, detoxification, and overall well-being. They share personal experiences, detailing the preparation, challenges, and completion of the fasting journey.

Emotional Wellness: Discover how water fasting provides a unique opportunity to address and navigate trauma and emotional issues without turning to food as a coping mechanism. The discussion explores the elevated levels of gratitude and fulfillment that accompany the fasting process, leading to a transformative shift in perspective.

Energy Production: The hosts challenge conventional notions by discussing how chi or prana, essential life force energies, aren’t solely derived from food nourishment. They delve into the metaphysical healing associated with fasting and its impact on overall energy potential.

Coherent Water: Learn about the importance of drinking coherent water and gain insights into the methods for achieving it. The discussion differentiates between shorter and extended fasts, offering valuable perspectives on both approaches.

Key Questions: The hosts address fundamental questions surrounding water fasting, including its purpose, benefits, challenges, and considerations on who should and shouldn’t embark on a water fasting journey. They also provide valuable insights into the types of water suitable for consumption.

Tune in to Episode 75 for a comprehensive exploration of water fasting and gain invaluable insights into optimizing your holistic well-being.

Listen now and embark on the transformative journey of water fasting with Alec Zeck, Ben Hardy, and Mike Merenda.

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