Ep 79: Food Lies featuring Brian Sanders


In this episode, Alec engages in a captivating conversation with Brian Sanders, a multifaceted individual deeply passionate about nutrition, health, and regenerative agriculture. As the filmmaker behind the Food Lies documentary, host of the top 5 nutrition podcast Peak Human, and an international speaker, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table.

Key Discussion Points:

– Background in Nutrition and Health: Brian shares insights into his journey from childhood to becoming a prominent figure in the realm of nutrition and health. His personal experiences have shaped his deep understanding of the subject.

– Metabolic Health: Dive into various metabolic health topics, exploring the impact of lifestyle and diet choices on overall well-being. Brian’s expertise in this area offers invaluable insights into optimizing health.

– Misconceptions in Nutrition: Brian discusses the prevalent misconceptions and misinformation surrounding nutrition, shedding light on the truth and debunking common myths.

– Experience with the Hadzas: Learn about Brian’s fascinating experiences living among the Hadza tribe and the profound lessons he learned about nutrition and human health from their traditional way of life.

– Nose to Tail Eating: Explore the concept of eating meat nose to tail and the nuanced approaches to nutrition that accompany it. Brian’s advocacy for this practice highlights its potential benefits for both human health and sustainable agriculture.

– Food Lies Film Series: Get a sneak peek into Brian’s upcoming film series “Food Lies,” where he aims to provide comprehensive information on nutrition and health. This exciting project promises to be a valuable resource for anyone interested in optimizing their health and well-being.

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