Ep 91: Bio-labs, Anthrax, and Gain of Fiction featuring Dr Mark Bailey & Steve Falconer


Join us for an insightful conversation with Dr. Mark Bailey and Steve Falconer as they explore the truth and myths surrounding biological agents, gain-of-function research, and the psychological factors influencing health.

Key Discussion Points:

– Lab-Built Biological Agents: Delve into the complexities of biological agents engineered in labs, separating truth from fiction and exploring the implications for public health.

– Pathogenic Bacteria: Dr. Bailey sheds light on the lack of proof regarding pathogenic bacteria, discussing different scenarios of symptom manifestation based on toxins.

– Gain-of-Function Research: Challenge false narratives surrounding gain-of-function research and bioweapons, aiming to dispel fear and misinformation.

– Psychological Factors in Health: Explore the psychological dynamics affecting health, including the tendency to avoid personal responsibility and blame external factors.

– Ivermectin and Health Solutions: Discuss alternative solutions like ivermectin and their efficacy in addressing health issues, along with the role of enzymes and toxins in the body.

– Discovering Virus Existence: Dr. Bailey highlights the challenges in proving the existence of viruses, questioning experimental methods and results.

– Inconsistent Experiments: Analyze experiments that don’t align logically and those that provide meaningful insights into biological agents and their effects.

About Dr. Mark Bailey and Steve Falconer:

Dr. Mark Bailey is a former microbiologist and medical researcher who left clinical practice in 2016 due to disillusionment with the allopathic medical system. He is the author of “A Farewell To Virology (Expert Edition)” and co-author of “The COVID-19 Fraud & War on Humanity.”

Steve Falconer is an individualist, anarchist, researcher, author, and filmmaker known for his work on the Spacebusters channel. He co-authored “A Farewell to Virology” and continues to challenge mainstream narratives through his content.

Explore more about Dr. Bailey and “A Farewell to Virology” at drsambailey.com

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