Ep 95: Time Piercing featuring Jesse Elder


Join us as we explore the journey of becoming an action philosopher with Jesse Elder.

Key Discussion Points:

Journey to Becoming an Action Philosopher: Discover how Jesse Elder transitioned into becoming an action philosopher and what this journey entailed.

Time Piercing Technique: Learn about Jesse’s unique time piercing technique and how it works.

Spectrum of Prayers: Explore the two ends of the spectrum that people engage in when it comes to prayers.

Freedom and Responsibility: Understand why freedom is a product of responsibility.

Loneliness: Discuss how loneliness has influenced Jesse’s path.

Human Imagination: Delve into the uniqueness of human imagination and its power.

Creating Your Own Future: Discover the uniqueness in creating your own future.

About Jesse Elder:

Jesse Elder is an action philosopher, time piercer, author, mentor, speaker, entrepreneur, and lover of life. Through the Mind Vitamin™ video series, Jesse teaches “Self Mastery for the real world.” People from all walks of life and levels of influence use these videos to focus their thinking and enhance their productivity and happiness.

Connect with Jesse Elder:

Website: jesseelder.com
Facebook: facebook.com/pg/timepiercer
Instagram: instagram.com/timepiercer