Ep 96 Thinking, Knowing, and Believing featuring Dr. Jordan Grant


Do you know how to think? How do you think? What do you believe? What do you know? How do you KNOW what you claim to know? How do the authorities KNOW what they claim to know? Can we really KNOW anything? How do we distinguish between knowledge and beliefs? How do we know if we, or someone else, has mistaken a belief for objective knowledge? In this episode, Alec is joined by Dr. Jordan Grant, someone he considers one of the best underground philosophers and thinkers of our time, to discuss all of that and more.

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Key Discussion Points:

– Fallacies in “Trust the Science”: Examine the misleading aspects of the phrase “trust the science” and how it can be used to push certain agendas.

– Building and Pushing Storylines: Explore how storylines are constructed and promoted as the truth in various fields.

– Role of Perspective in Truth and Narratives: Discuss the impact of perspective on truth and how narratives are shaped.

– Mainstream Media and “The Experts”: Analyze how mainstream media and so-called experts create and perpetuate causes.

– Breaking Down Rationalism and Logical Fallacies: Understand the limitations of rationalism and identify common logical fallacies.

About Dr. Jordan Grant:

Dr. Jordan Grant is a Board-Certified Urologist and expert in hormone replacement therapy. He earned his undergraduate degree from Texas A&M University, his medical degree from Texas Tech University School of Medicine, and completed his Urologic Residency at Baylor-Scott & White Hospital. Dr. Grant is focused on the importance of treating the whole person, as our physical, mental, and spiritual health are all equally important to who we are as individuals.

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