Ep 98: Folic Acid Fortification and the Rise in Chronic Illness featuring Tatum Toner

We talk a lot about the impact of environmental toxins on our health, namely glyphosate adjuvants in pharmaceutical products, and EMFs, but what if there is another key culprit causing lots of health issues? Join us as Dr. Tatum Toner, a medical doctor who transitioned from a pro-vaccination stance to a terrain-based medical approach, shares her transformative journey and sheds light on the truth about folic acid and food fortification and the hidden truths of our health system.

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Key Discussion Points:

Transformation Journey: Dr. Tatum Toner discusses her shift from a liberal pro-vaccination stance to a terrain-based medical approach.

Research and Evidence: Detailed statistics and studies supporting Dr. Toner’s claims about the impact of folic acid fortification.

Body’s Response to Methylfolate: What happens when methylfolate enters the body and its benefits.

Eliminating Folic Acid: The importance of cutting out folic acid from your diet and how it can positively impact your life.

Virology and Viruses: Studies that challenge traditional virology and explain what viruses might actually be.

About Dr. Tatum Toner:

Dr. Tatum Toner faced chronic illness during her family medicine residency despite various treatments. Her quest for relief led her to a holistic approach, revealing the dark side of Rockefeller medicine and its influence on our food supply. As a Hospitalist, she witnessed human resilience and healing. Now, she transitions to share her extensive knowledge and insights.