Defender Shield


Through years of research and testing, DefenderShield® is proud to offer the best and most effective EMF shielding in the world. We provide functional and state-of-the-art Electromagnetic Radiation (EMF) protection for ultimate safety while using today’s modern mobile technology.

Our product lines incorporate a range of scientifically-tested shielding materials that can block up to 99% of EMF radiation frequencies from 0-90 GHz, including the entire 5th Generation spectrum. No other mobile device shielding in the world blocks frequencies up to 90 GHz.

Different product lines offer different ranges of shielding, and use the most effective materials available for each product’s functionality.

Our products outperform others based on quality, shielding ability and substantiation of claims based on science and testing. No other products on the market block the range of EMF emissions that our products block. Other companies do not offer lab-tested protection, or they use terms outside physics or science.

We strive to offer the best and most cutting-edge protective solutions for our customers, solutions based on sound science and engineering. We believe in our products and use them daily in our own lives.

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