Homeopathy – The Mega Kit


This brand-new homeopathy MEGA kit is one of the largest homeopathy home kits you can buy. In total, it includes 90 remedies. This kit is designed for home use to treat everyday acute health conditions, safely, naturally, and without any side effects. Homeopathy is one of the few modalities that can be used in pregnancy and for newborns.

The kit includes:
– 90 remedies in a plastic box
– Each remedy is in a 2g glass bottle containing approximately 75 doses of 2.5mm organic sucrose pillules
– NO lactose/dairy. Refills are available.

This MEGA kit includes all the remedies featured in Lisa Strbac’s new bestselling book ‘The Homeopath in Your Hand. The kit is priced at £240 (approx USD$290) without the book or £260 (approx USD$315) with the book, plus shipping. Ships to the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

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