Running Waters Homestead


The immense importance of high vibrational foods and medicine has perpetually inspired our standard of life.

We were called to grow and create our own to satisfy this craving for purity and nourishment. Our education consisted of deep natural immersion in the wilderness of the Blue Ridge Mountains. While living amongst our mushroom and herbal allies we began to understand their innocent desire to love and support Humanity. We learned that Nature wants us to be happy and thrive. Out of this understanding our homestead was born and our role for sharing this magic through medicine began.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality mushroom and herbal remedies to assist in Humanities conscious evolution. By personally growing and wild foraging only the best medicinal allies, we strive to create intentionally pure products. By utilizing traditional ancient methods of extraction and real spring water we ensure our products potency.

We are honored to be alongside each of you in Humanity’s journey of healing and pursuit of true health.

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