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  1. Russia has many export markets, not just oil and gas. Non-GMO’d grains and organic food export markets are increasing exponentially. Russia built 500 cargo container seagoing vessels to get that oil and LNG to south global markets, by the way. Russia is also drilling for primary water, now, also. What other nation in the world is reaching primary water (???) You might get in touch with Pepe Escobar and share your Qortal concepts with him. He is integral to the development of finance and currency systems for the BRICS+10 and EurAsian Economic Union efforts. Mexico is looking for a way to join BRICS without pissing off the U.S. hegemony. Your Qortal ideas might help Mexico and Central American countries start to trade with each other commercially …. ‘under the radar’ so to speak. Pepe is on Telegram. Thanks for your ideas. GoBearsZ.